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  • Gentle, compassionate yoga, that refills your cup on Tuesday evenings.

    15 US dollars
  • Fire up the breath, metabolism and flow with it- in this fun and fast-...

    Thu1 hr 10 min
    15 US dollars
  • A reverent Sunday community offering of flow asana, mantra & prayer.

    15 US dollars
  • Bellydance drills, and fusion moves choreographies, and improvisations...

    15 US dollars
  • One to one specialized class for your individual needs, and anatomy.

    1 hr
    50 US dollars
  • 2-3 people, one hour class designed just for you and your small group.

    1 hr
    60 US dollars
  • An 8 week women’s journey for cultivating hormonal vitality in Autumn ...

    150 US dollars
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